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Good study habit to try if you get easily distracted. 

Pancake Art

Pancake Art



The medical connection is what brings this commercial to this blog. I am always amazed by the extraordinary kindness displayed by some of the doctors I work with. They have a love of teaching, a love of helping, and a love of giving. No where else is it most obvious than in the reactions they receive from patients; that is something to aspire towards.


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Why Boston’s Hospitals Were Ready


The bombs at the Boston Marathon were designed to maim and kill, and they did. Three people died within the first moments of the blast. More than a hundred and seventy people were injured. They had their limbs blown off, vital arteries severed, bones fractured, flesh torn open by shrapnel or scorched by the blasts’ heat. Yet it now appears that every one of the wounded alive when rescuers reached them will survive.
Medically speaking, this is no small accomplishment.